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Crisis Management in Singapore

The probability of facing a crisis increases with uncontrollable variables. This applies to all brands now more than ever with the growth of the Internet and specifically social media. Having a plan on how to handle a crisis in these times is not just noble but crucial to the survival of your brand. We have been managing crises for years now and have gradually refined it to more than a science; to an art.

There is no magic bullet response to any crisis. No two crises are the same. That being said, we have learnt that there are certain similarities in response that are within the control of your company and those in senior positions in the board as well as management. We are open to sharing these guidelines and offering a customized approach that takes into consideration your company's uniqueness.

We have therefore broken down our services into different categories to give you clear choices based on your organisation's structures and needs. Our consultancy services will enable you to identify the weakest link in the organisation. These points of weakness most often than not tend to break down during a crisis.

Our services include:

  1. Crisis & Emergency Management Services
  2. Strategic and Operational Leadership & Management
  3. Incident Management
  4. Scenario Planning & Management
  5. Strategic Operational/Management Reviews
  6. Public Relations/Media Releases
  7. Exercise Management
  8. Crisis Management Training & Consultancy

Blockbuster movies may give the impression that crisis management is about cutting corners and underhand shady deals but professional crisis management agencies know better.

We are there to ensure that, with proper planning and management, you don't have to find yourself in such a situation. No matter the variables involved.

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