Today’s digital age has caused the expansion of Crisis Management Services within the business arena. The fast-paced nature of the internet means an opinion or a negative comment can go viral and effect your company image within minutes.

While this is focused on online security, the theory behind Crisis Management is the same:

1. Listen to the situation – what is the crisis that is about to occur? Are you ignoring a sitution that is about to spiral out of control? In the online sphere it is possible to use social listening tools to pick up anything that is being said about you as a company. Through these means you are able to see if there is any negativity that needs to be mitigated. This is closely linked to online reputation management and is vitally important

2. Be Transparent and realistic to your employees and customers – This means making it public knowledge as to your
Crisis Management Plans and processes in place. This will increase customer loyalty and engagement and ensure that your employees know what they are doing at what time.

3. Response is key – how you respond in the first few minutes or hours is critical to the outcome. In most situations the results of crises can be mitigated if certain actions are taken immediatley. Obviously a financial crisis or natural disaster involves different circumstances, but in other times of crises immediate actions can more often than not revert the crisis away from yourselves

4. NEVER lose your temper with your employees or customers in times of crisis – your management needs to appear in
control of the situation. Indeed leadership is key in times of crisis and failure on the leadership’s part may cause havoc in the flanks below

5. Hire a Crisis Management Consultant to advise you and put in place clear planning to ensure you are ready for any crisis that may occur!